When you possess a guitar and an amplifier, it is your duty to keep in clean so that both its performance and longevity can be increased to a great extent. Here you should very well remember that cleaning the amplifier is one of the effective and important parts of the proper maintenance of the amplifier.


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You should always make sure that no dust or dirt can get into the amplifier. If it happens so, the performance of the amplifier can be hindered. You should clean the amplifier with a soft and dry cloth. It is to be ensured that the cloth is not wet otherwise it can damage the inner components of the amplifier.


The humid condition is a strict no for the effective performance of the amplifier. You can refer to the Kicker solo baric review for a guide.


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But a very slightly damp cloth can be used for the removal of stubborn grime and dirt on the outer surface. Make sure that the damp cloth does not touch any inner components. You should never use cleaners on the amplifier like alcohol or thinner which is very harmful to the amplifier.


Not only it affects the performance of the amplifier but also it results in decreasing the lifespan of the amplifier for the guitar as well. Find more info about Kicker Solo Baric Review.